in the field!

General info

Joining two or more tipis creates larger spaces and maintains the inherent weatherproof qualities, yet still allows the sides to be lifted.

The unique profile of the tipis means that they are more stable than marquees in high winds. They are also highly waterproof.

We often build tipis in fields and meadows. But our tipis are just as at home in larger gardens too.

The wooden tipi frame, which stands at 8 metres high, provides an apex useful for placing chandeliers or mirror balls.

We can supply high quality accessories such as matting, lighting, heating and furniture; adding a real wow-factor to your event.

Smoke flaps fitted to the tops of the tipis allow for effective ventilation of the tents. And a smoke vent if you choose to have a fireplace.

The lifted sides that we can build into our tipis, allows us to bring separate areas together and can be lifted in all but the worst of weather conditions.

There is plenty of space and height in the tipis – even when joined. More than enough for your event and guests.