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Tipis Tents

Weatherproof, elegant and spacious.

Our Tentipi Giant Hat Kata tipis are striking and elegant structures that blend beauty and practicality. With Nordic wood poles and light tan-coloured canvases made in the cool Sami-lands of northern Sweden, these tipis are ideal for use in the British climate.

Designed with space, weatherproofing and warmth in mind; what sets them further apart from other tents is the ability to have a carefully tended fireplace inside the tipis creating that special atmosphere day or night.

Each Giant Hat Kata can be put up on its own with space for up to 72 guests. Ingeniously, two or more tipis can also be joined in many combinations, creating unified spaces for events of all sizes. For really large parties we have used nine joined tipis to provide a space for over 600 guests.

When we link tipis there is still plenty of head room, with the join being well above head height. Guests can easily stroll from one tipi to another, enjoying a unified and airy space.

And that’s not all. As long as the weather isn’t really bad we can also open up several sides of the tipis, so that you can commune with nature whilst remaining covered.

For further details see how our tipis can be joined on our floor plans, and pictures in our gallery.

To experience our tipis for yourself, please feel free to come to one of our regular Viewing Weekends. We would be pleased to meet you and talk over your plans.